Our American Story


Inspired by his father’s furniture business, Sam Moore decided he could build a better and less expensive chair than what was available in the marketplace. In 1940, Sam and four of his friends bought the Delaware Chair Company in Delaware, Ohio. A tough economy and a looming war forced Sam to relocate the company. In 1943, he moved south to Christiansburg, Virginia and found a vacant facility and citizens with a wonderful work ethic. The Sam Moore Chair Company was born. In 1960, Sam Moore Chair found its current home in Bedford, Virginia. The company has continued to expand through the years, building a state of the art finishing room in 1999.

Sam Moore has been lovingly crafting fine upholstered seating in the U.S. for over 70 years. From beloved classics to trendy transitional styles, you can be comfortable knowing each piece is handcrafted with pride by Americans for American homes.

In 2007, Sam Moore was acquired by Martinsville, Virginia-based Hooker Furniture, one of the world’s largest and most respected furniture companies, founded over 90 years ago in 1924. Just like Sam Moore, Hooker is known for quality furnishings of exceptional value. Sam Moore’s finishes set us apart from other manufacturers. We offer over 20 multi-step finishes to capture your interest. From finishes with a weathered and worn appearance to pewter hues with a sophisticated old Hollywood feel to chic painted finishes to elegant, refined finishes…we’ve got it covered.

Create your room’s unique style from our selection of over 700 fabrics: luxurious velvets, bright eclectic patterns, rich tapestries, pretty prints, and many more. We can fill a room with your personality! It’s amazing how just adding a new chair or settee to a room can transform it. We also offer a wide variety of decorative pieces in addition to our chairs. We can help you create that interior decorator look that makes your home the favorite place to be for family and friends alike.